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With due consideration to meteorological information of the local area, its land situation, soil characters, socio economic conditions of the farmers and indentified problems of the area, kvk has conducted on farm testing (OFT's) on farmers field to solve some burning problems. In doing so, the technologies evolved from the laboratories and research station of SGCARS, Jagdalpur and other institutions were taken as probable solutions. The KVK conducted 62 on- farm trials from 2006-07 to 2010-11 involving improve technologies on various aspects of agriculture including varietals evaluations, nutrient management, cropping system/ farming system, resource conservation, weed management, insect/ disease management and organic farming management.

OFT 2013-14


S.No. Problem Diagnose Thematic area Crop Farming System Title of OFT No. of Trails Result Recommendations
Farmers Practice T1 Recorded Tech. T2 %Increase
1. Heavy Weed Infestation in Rice Integrated Weed Management Rice
Lowland Evaluation of improvement in Biasi Cultivation of Rice through crop management. 04 32.4 44.9   Use of weedicide Ethoxysulfuran & Bispyribac sodium with one hand weeding is effective for weed control
2. Low yield in midland situation Varietal Evaluation Rice

Midland Yield maximization by use of Improve variety of Rice 04 38.3 46.1   Sahbhagi variety of rice by transplanting in midland gave higher yield
3. Heavy use of fertilizers Fertilizer Management Rice
Midland Yield maximization of Rice on the basis of STCR. 05 33.4 39.2   Use of Fertilizer on the basis of STCR is gave higher yield & reduce fertilizer cost
4. Heavy cost of labour in trans
Efficacy of Rice transplanter Rice
Midland Assessment of self propelled Rice transplanter . 04 35.5 42.8   Self propelled Rice transplanter is best option for tamely and large area sowing of rice.
5. Low yield due to unavailability of Improve variety of Kodo Varietal Evaluation Kodo Millet
(Indira Kodo-1)
Upland Assessment of improved variety of Kodo Millets. 04 12.5 16.6   Indira Kodo-1 is suitable variety for high yielding in upland area of bastar.
6. In Finger millet crops, blast disease is a serious problem Varietal Evaluation Finger Millet
(Indira Ragi-1)
Upland Assessment of blast resistance HYV of finger millets. 03 13.1 18.5   Variety Indira Ragi – 1 is blast tolerance and suitable for upland area of Bastar.
7. Improve variety of Horse Gram and broadcasting are major factor to low yield. Varietal Evaluation Horse gram
(Indira kulthi-1)
Upland Assessment of HYV with line sowing of Horse gram. 04 3.8 6.8   Indira kulthi-1 Variety of horse gram is recommended for upland region of bastar for maximum production of this area.
8. Low yield of vegetable due to less flowering in Bottle gourd Efficacy of Chemicals Bottle gourd Upland Assessment of Ethrel hormones 1ml/lit. for increasing number of female flower. 02 180 230   Spraying of Ethrel hormones @ 1ml/lit at two and four leaves stage is recommended for increasing no. of female flowers in bottle gourd
Lack of fish seed and economically no use of seasonal pond in tribal areas
Fish seed production Fish
Midland Assessment of spawn to fry raising through supplementary feeding in seasonal pond (Multi crop). 04 14.00 Lac 18.50 Lac   Use seasonal pond for production of fish seed through supplementary feeding
Poor yield due to no management practice
Maximum production of animal protein in per unit area Fish
Midland Assessment of fish cum duck culture. 04 11.2 29.2   Fish cum duck culture is recommended for maximum production of per unit area of pond.


S.No. Problem Diagnose Thematic Area Crop Farming Situations Title Of OFT No. of Trails Result Recommendations
Farmers Practice T1 Recorded Tech. T2 %Increase
1. Wilt and Collar rot are serious problem in Chick pea cultivation
Efficacy of Tricoderma viridi Chick pea (JAKI-9218) Midland Assessment of use of Tricoderma viridi as seed treatment for control wilt & Collar rot of Chick pea 04 8.8 11.3 Tricoderma viridi use as seed treatment of Chick pea is recommended for midland condition of Bastar region.
2. Heavy loss due to wilt disease Varietal Evaluation Lentil (IPL-87) Midland Assessment of improved wilt tolerant variety of lentil 04 4.6 7.3 Variety IPL 87 show tolerance against wilt and suitable for cultivation
Low yield due to local variety
Yield maximization of Rice on the basis of STCR. Pea (Shubra) Midland Assessment of improved variety of Pea 04 6.2 9.6 Variety Subhra is suitable for cultivation in Bastar
4. Wilt disease and fruit Borer insect problem in solaneceous crop is very common Efficacy of pheromone trap Brinjal(Blue star diamond) Midland Assessment of bacterial wilt resistant variety of Brinjal and use of pheromone trap (Leucinodes arbonelis) against fruit and shoot borer. 04 190 230 Brinjal blue star diamond variety is recommended for Bastar region as a wilt resistant variety and pheromone trap recommended for control fruit and shoot borer insect of Brinjal.
5. In bastar region fruit borer in solaneceous crop is very serious problem. Varietal evaluation

Midland Assessment of inter copping of marigold and tomato for controlling fruit borer of tomato 04 160 220 Bastaria variety of Tomato is recommended for badi situation of bastar and for controlling fruit borer intercropping of marigold (4:1) is recommended.
6. Incidence of sucking insect is very serious problem Efficacy of yellow sticky trap Chilli (VNR-435) Midland Assessment of yellow sticky trap against sucking insect in Chili. 04 220 275 For controlling sucking insect in chilli recommended yellow sticky strips @ of 25 strips/ha at 25-30 days after transplanting.
7. Low yield due to use of local seed material Varietal evaluation Cucurbits Pumpkin Midland Assessment of improved variety of Pumpkin 10 210 245 Pumpkin is suitable for higher return as vegetable crop
8. Low yield due to heavy infestation of common mosaic & Powdery mildew. Varietal evaluation Kidney beans Contender Midland Assessment of resistant variety of Kidney beans. 04 10.2 15.5 Contender variety of Kidney beans is found tolerant to common mosaic and powdery mildew disease and Recommended for Bastar region.
9. Lack of knowledge about nutrient management in maize. INM Maize (Hi-cell) Midland Nutrient management in Hybrid Maize Production 03 43.5 58.2 Maize
(Hi-cell) variety with RDF f is recommended for bastar region.
10. Low fish production Fish production Fish(IMC, EMC) Lowland& Midland Assessment of Fish production through supplementary fish feed 04 26.2 50.8   Use seasonal pond for production of fish seed through supplementary feeding
11. Lack of knowledge of cashew nut processing technology. Agricultural Processing & Food Engineering Cashew - Assessment of small scale cashew nut processing unit 03 19 28   Small scale cashew nut processing unit is recommended for adoption as income generation activity
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